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Trying to plan a wedding involves a huge amount of time and effort. If people aren’t organised then everything will get lost and nothing will be planned well, leaving a couple with everything half done and nothing finalised for the day. The issue here is the lack of initiative to take advantage of the technology of today, and there are so many different advancements which can be used to help a couple when planning their wedding.

The iPad may seem like a fun gadget more than a planning tool, but once kitted out with the right applications this becomes the ultimate wedding planning tool. Most companies have an application for their business, and a couple can use this application to book their venue, their honeymoon, and all of their food. Each factor involved with planning a wedding can be recorded on an organisation application, one which can be used to track the responsibilities of different people involved with the planning, and one which will help people stay on top of the jobs they have.

Wedding invitations are lovely to receive, but they can add a huge cost to the wedding. Sending out a mass email inviting people to a wedding can seem slightly impersonal, but with even half the money that would otherwise be spent on invitations, a couple can create a great little website for their wedding which people can sign up to if they’d like to attend, and send messages to the couple through. Information about the wedding can be posted on the website, and every time new information is posted a new email can be sent out to keep guests and supplier sup to date with what is going on.

A gift list used to involve people visiting specific shops and buying exactly what the couple wanted them to buy. Now however, a couple can set up their gift list online, and have guests buy exactly what they want from the stores they’ve found them online. Most people use these services today, and find it much easier to tell people what they would like as a gift, as many people struggle to keep up with what people have purchased and who’s purchased a certain gift for them and who hasn’t.

The speeches at a wedding are amazing, but what makes them even more amazing, is having the image of the person speaking broadcast to televisions and online to those watching who couldn’t make it to a wedding. The reason for this is to involve those who couldn’t make the journey to the wedding, but also so that everyone around the room can see exactly what is going on, in case they are sat too far away.

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