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We have heard it so many times that it has become an overused cliche’: Women are like wines – they both become better with age. Well, if that cliche’ is still true, then wedding dresses for older women are also better.

In many ways, it is true especially when you consider that older women nowadays can wear just about anything that their younger counterparts can. In fact, they can wear some bridal outfits that younger women cannot carry simply because they have acquired true confidence that only older women have in their character. Did we mention that it takes a lifetime to become a person and older women are often nearer that goal than younger girls are?

Choosing the Style

No mater how liberated you may be, you will want to follow certain conventions when it comes to wearing wedding dresses. For one thing, you want your guests to smile at your choice of a classy, classic and compliment-worthy bridal attire, not sneers and jeers behind your back. For another thing, you may have your children’s sensibilities to consider especially when you don’t want them to feel embarrassed about their parent all over again.

Beyond covering up appropriate parts of the body, however, you can choose from among numerous wedding dresses that suit your personality and style. If you are more the sexy type, then by all means go for a strapless dress but do remember to keep the slit to a minimum. If you are on the conservative side, then a dress with sleeves will do just fine but add little touches of youthfulness like a small sash around the waist. Just remember that less is more for most mature women.

Also, do remember that your body may have changed since your early 20s and as such certain adjustments to your dress may be necessary. If you adhere to the “flatter your assets and hide your liabilities” rule in choosing any kind of dress, then you can choose the right one from amongst a bevy of wedding dresses.

Choosing the Color

Nowadays, brides can choose to wear white or wear colored bridal dresses. Nobody will judge you so harshly on that point unless that person is envious of your happiness. Go ahead and wear virginal white if you want or bright red if you so desire.

Of course, choosing the color of your wedding dress will ultimately depend on what color of the rainbow or what shade of white looks good on your skin tone. You can opt for vibrant hues like red and purple or off-white tan with a touch of color.

Yes, indeed, the choices for wedding dresses for more mature brides are as varied as those for their younger counterparts. Thus, you may want to bring along a trusted friend to provide her honest opinion about your initial choices.

In conclusion, it is always best to follow the adage about wedding dresses: If you wore it on your first wedding, skip it on your second and third and so on and so forth weddings. Yes, even when the succeeding weddings are just renewal of vows with the same man, if only because your age and your body may not be appropriate for the first dress.

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