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A wedding is the most memorable and cherished occasion in any woman’s life. When your day finally comes, it is advisable that you plan all details carefully and not miss anything. Even though having a good reception venue, wedding theme, and one of a kind wedding dress is important, do not forget to accent your overall look and boost your confidence using several types of lingerie. For instance, wedding garters, though considered traditional in many quarters, are important wedding garments that you should include in your bridal list. This is because garters have an elastic band that will hold your stockings in place and play an exciting role during wedding reception events. With the array of designs, colors, and fabrics that are attainable in the market, you only have to do the mandatory legwork to find a decent wedding garter that complements your wedding theme and suit your needs.

Simply put, a wedding garter is a band shaped, elastic accessory that has played an integral role in many weddings since ancient times. This piece of clothing has undergone many changes to become one of the most treasured wedding accessories of all time. For instance, in the 14th century, garters were nothing more than regular clothing, which women used to hold up their stockings. Moreover, they acted as keepsakes that grooms used to symbolize consummation of their marriages. As years gone by, tradition of wedding garters mutated into something new. Principally, in addition to supporting stockings and acting as keepsakes, grooms believed that they would receive blessings and luck by tossing their grooms’ garters to a group of single men during their wedding receptions. This tradition is now popular and is a common practice in many traditional and contemporary weddings.

If you want to feel beautiful, sexy, and desired during your big day, do not overlook importance of wedding garters. By knowing that there is something beautiful under your wedding dress, the hint of secrecy will make you feel special, boost your confidence, and therefore, wedding that you will treasure for ages. To find good wedding garters, you should narrow your search to good themes and colors. You should also have a set and not one. This ensures that your partner gets a keepsake and an extra accessory to toss to the waiting group of singles. No matter the designs that you choose, make sure that your garters complements the look of your wedding gown and your wedding theme. Even though colors such as ivory and cream the most popular in weddings, add embroidered initials and other embellishment to have a unique and appealing look.

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