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What should you include in your wedding invitations? I explain how to write your invites and discuss some of the wedding traditions.

  1. The first part of the wedding invitations to consider is the invitees. Traditionally the people who would be inviting the guests would be the Bride’s parents. This is because they would be the ones paying for the wedding. However, more and more couples are paying for the wedding themselves. In this case you may want to choose one of the following as a start to your invites. Or.. Together with their parents Sarah Louise Smith and Jeffrey Mark Jackson request the pleasure of the company of… Or… Sarah Louise Smith and Jeffrey Mark Jackson would be delighted if you could join them… A traditional wedding invitation will read Mr. and Mrs. David Robertson request the pleasure of the company of… to celebrate the wedding of their daughter Sarah Jane with Mr. Paul Jones
  2. Next on the wedding invite is when and where the wedding will take place. Traditionally you would spell out numbers for example the Sixth of June at half past Twelve. However, it has become acceptable, especially with less formal weddings, to drop this and just write numbers as you would normally. If the reception is at another venue the reception’s address should be placed after the wedding venue.
  3. Now the RSVP address is listed. Traditionally only your address would have been written here, however, now your home telephone or mobile number can be listed and possibly your email address. It is recommended to include a reply by date as this will ensure that your guests respond in time. I recommend that you give a reply date at least 3 weeks before your wedding date. The invites themselves should be sent at least 6 weeks in advance.
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