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Wedding planning ideas are easy to find to plan a wedding reception. There are many cheap wedding ideas that couples can plan into their wedding details. Love is in the air, and people will get married even when they do not have much money to spend on a lavish wedding. Those people truly believe in love. Since couples and parents are looking for good planning ideas for the wedding, the first idea to save money is to cut down on the bridal party. It is not easy when couples have many friends who all want to stand up in their wedding. This is an expensive decision if a couple chooses to have their friends stand up in their wedding. Brides can ask her bridal party to pay for their own bridesmaid dresses if they want to stand up in her wedding. This decision will reduce the cost of the wedding by thousands of dollars. Instead of buying tuxedos for the groom and his groomsmen, they can rent tuxedos for a night.

Having an outdoor wedding is on the list of wedding planning ideas for couples who are on a budget. Reserving a church and reception hall is costly, and decorating it is costly. Wealthy friends or family members who are willing to loan their home and backyard for the couple’s wedding is on the list of cheap wedding ideas. The couple will clean up the next day as compensation for having their wedding ceremony and reception there. This is an excellent idea for couples who want to throw a small to medium-sized wedding on a budget.

Cooking the night before the wedding is a great idea to save money for the wedding. The food is the majority of the cost of the wedding, since there are many mouths to feed. Couples who have a buffet dinner at the reception save a lot of money, since they are not hiring a caterer to make and prepare the tables. Family members willing to donate their time cooking and setting up for the reception saves couples a lot of money.

People can find beautiful dishes and decorations that do not cost much to make the reception dinner romantic. In addition, limiting the number of guests who RSVP to the dinner saves money as well. Couples can reserve the dinner for close friends and immediate family members before the rest of the guests show up for the reception.

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