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Wedding Planning together can be one of the most stressful times a couple can endure during “Pre-Vow”. Little does the Groom realize, but he has everything to do with the level of stress the “Bride-to-Be” is going to endure. So here are a few methods, steps, and Wedding tips specialized for the Groom to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. To ensure that you have the happiest bride on your wedding day…

Spa Day for Her and a Friend

Yes, treat her out! She will love it. Although the Maid of Honor usually takes over this responsibility, it’s important for her to know that she has your complete support in wanting her to be relaxed. What better way than giving her an extra opportunity to do it? This way she might be able to take her mom to the spa with her to get those last minute “Pre-Wedding-Day-Jitter” tips, and trust me, she’ll want those.

Romantic Pic-Nic-of-Time Getaway

With the wedding moving in quickly, she’s running around rampant, no self-time at all. This is an excellent time, to steal her away from everything and head to a romantic location. It is important for you to have done the classic style picnic with this one, the basket, the red/white checkered blanket, a gourmet lunch, glasses, and a delicious bottled delight of her choice. By the end of the lunch she will have forgotten all about her stress and be ready to comfortably continue planning with you.

Couples Massage

So she’s been double checking, triple checking the wedding checklist, and the wedding is about to ready to happen. This is an excellent time to take her with you to get a Couples Massage. What better way to get rid of those wedding knots then with each other? By the time you’re done, both of you will be completely ready to go get married.

Constantly Assure Her

During the entire process, from the Wedding Planning, Wedding Invitations, the theme and Wedding Checklist, it is the most valuable thing you can do. Constantly assure her and support her verbally, give her hugs and kisses, compliment how well she’s doing. Ask her what you can do to help. Volunteer your services in places you might not know much about. She probably won’t accept it, but it makes a difference! She needs to know that you’re willing to be there for her through “thick-and-thin”

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